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Make Money From Your Feet

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Make money from your feet. We’ve talked about side hustles with a twist, and some with what might be considered outright unusual, money is money, and if you’re game, there are also ways to make money from your own feet! 

An admiration of podiatric medicine this is not! While according to the likes of Quentin Tarantino it’s more an an entry-level fetish, this is still potentially how some of these sites can be classified. So, whilst talking about this honestly and factually, we are in no way advocating selling feet photos: simply sharing it as a way of making money. 

Enter FeetFinder, one of the many sites that welcomes pictures of feet of all shapes, sizes, conditions and colours, that offer you the chance to earn top dollar for your toes. 

First off, it’s worth noting that there are a lot of websites and social media platforms where you can sell feet pics – Onlyfans, Reddit, Twitter and Instagram for example – but these sites are rife with scammers, fake accounts and can even suspend your account, whereas people selling feet pics on Instagram and Twitter often get scammed by fake “sugar daddies”.  

FeetFinder has over 150,000 verified users, where all models are ID verified and all buyers must add a card to use the site in any way, and to beat the scammers: with FeetFinder you’ll also have to pay – as a foot model – a monthly subscription of $2.99, but for that, the site will do all the marketing for you. 


make money from your feet

New foot models are advised not to charge too much for low-quality content, because it’s unlikely to translate to sales. The sites suggest having a few different photo albums with a broad price range: around $4-$6 to tempt buyers in, who may then pay more for other content if they like what they see.   

At that point, you can create some $10-$15 and even $20+ content with some really high-end pictures, including custom feet photos sent through offers from foot fetish models – but be prepared to take some time cultivating a professional relationship with your buyers, because if you start out as a newbie offering very expensive photos, this may not translate to sales. 


Just because there are foot fetishists out there, don’t assume they’ll be interested in any picture of any foot. They may have specific tastes, like feet in heels, soles of feet, nicely pedicured toes, long toenails… you get the idea. So try a variety of pictures and angles, some with – and we stress that you should only do this if you’re comfortable with it – your face in the picture too. Again, that’s only if you’re okay with it. Many foot models stay anonymously faceless, but pictures with faces and context in sell marginally better than just feet pictures… but then again, these sites are all about feet, and feet do sell! 


FeetFinder is a popular and verified site, but here are four others you may want to research too: 

Craigslist is a marketplace where you can make an account and post a job asking buyers to buy your feet pics. You can upload some of the samples, and keen buyers will contact you and pay you a specific fee. 

Shutterstock allows you to upload one professional foot image to stay online for people to use and use: it’s also highly competitive, so make your photo stand out by being professional and eyecatching. 

Instafeet has positive reviews on all reviewing websites, and there is no scam recorded so far. Instafeet is the safest and legal platform for feet pics sellers and buyers.  

The Foap app lets you upload photos straight from your iPhone and offer them for sale. You can sell the same photo multiple times.  


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