Ten Organization Tips to Help You Make the Most of Your Space

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The cost of living is going up dramatically, which means any space you rent or own is a real investment and you can’t afford to go wasting so much as a square foot of it. There is certainly no room for clutter, mess, and dysfunctional spaces that become unusable because they are so untidy, which is why we’re going to give you a helping hand to reclaim every bit of your space with these 10 organization tips:

1. Go High

It is so important you go high and not across when it comes to storage. There is infinitely more space for storage going upwards than if you are trying to store everything on the floor. This is especially true with affordable self storage units where you need to use the whole space as well as possible so you’re getting the most out of your money.

2. Never Have Useless Furniture

Some furniture looks nice, but it creates a large use of space that could otherwise be used for both furniture and storage purposes. For example: You have a large bed that is just enough off the floor for a gap of space that looks nice. However, that bed and the space underneath could otherwise be used as both a bed and quite a substantial amount of storage if you switched it to a more efficient bed frame. There are also sofas that contain lots of storage inside, as well as other larger pieces of furniture designed to be more multi-functional.

3. Don’t Just Do *a* Declutter

One major trap some people fall into is thinking decluttering is a one time event that results in a more decluttered house. Whilst that is true, the fact is that there has to be regular decluttering in order for a house to remain clean and tidy. Additionally, the spaces that become cluttered need to be more functional so that they don’t continue to cause clutter. Marie Kondo is a master at nailing this style of house tidying. She not only deals with the house clutter but helps to transform spaces so that they are more functional, and therefore less likely to be “clutter traps.”

4. Go Seasonal with Storage

A helpful thing to do to make the most of storage space that you do have is to go seasonal with it. So, don’t just have everything you own stored at any one time. Instead, for example, why not have your winter clothes in affordable self storage in London, and your summer wardrobe at home. Then swap them over when the time is right. You can also use affordable London self storage for items like garden furniture to protect them in winter, and items like camping gear that you only need once or twice a year in the warmer seasons. You can find out about self storage prices here.

5. Don’t Get Hung Up on Hidden Storage

Hidden storage is fantastic, but all too often we can become a little obsessed with trying to hide everything, rather than embracing open storage, which can look really cool. For example, open wardrobes can be really great at giving a room a more open and modern look, as can rolling towels and storing them on an open shelf.

6. Be Mindful of Items You Use for Storage

It can be all too easy to buy lots of organization systems and by-accident clutter up your space with those items. Too many tubs, shelves, baskets take up space and actively work against the very reason you’ve purchased the item. The best thing to do is declutter, tidy, and organize. Then assess what organization tools/ furniture you need, as it will be more apparent at that stage and you won’t just be using new furniture or accessories for the sake of it.

7. Do It Now

One of the most useful tips you can ever have when it comes to organization in any space, is to do it now. If you’re in the space and you know you have five minutes to get the job done, don’t hesitate. Procrastination is the biggest preventer of organization and decluttering tasks getting done. Therefore, if you always stick with the commitment to just “doing it now,” you will find that you do little and often, rather than have to commit a whole weekend to a job that’s built up over time.

8. Never Be Afraid to Rework a Room

Never be afraid to rework a room so that it works better in regards to functionality and organization. We often end up working with the furniture as we have it, and forget that we can totally rearrange things if we need to. Don’t be afraid to get creative so you’re better able to enjoy the space.

9. Label Everything

Labelling is not just for moving house and placing your boxes right in the new home, or in affordable self storage. Labelling is for literally everywhere, and it is so helpful with organization. Use chalkboards, sticky labels, whiteboards, and stuck on paper labels — whatever looks good and helps you easily identify your things.

10. Change Your Spending Habits

When it comes to staying organized, try to think more minimalist in your approach. Often, organization has a lot to do with what you bring into your house, and how you use your house, rather than what you do with unwanted or unneeded items. In such a consumerist society we are all buying, buying, buying, without thinking about the impact that has on our bank balance, our lives, and on the planet. too.

The less you buy, the less there is to organize. This leads to a much simpler, easier life at home — not dictated by adding unnecessary “things” to your life all the time.

Final Thoughts

Now you are ready to organize and tidy any space, whilst also improving the quality of your house, local self storage, garage, shed, and more by adjusting your tidying and spending habits. With the right approach, you can organize any space, any time, for exceptional results.

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