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The Unlikely Marketing Tools You Might Not Have Considered

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Have you contemplated a change or addition to your marketing strategy but are unsure where to start? Capturing the attention of your target audience is the crucial aspect of any marketing strategy. However, with trends constantly changing, it can be hard to keep up or keep fresh. In addition, that is without mentioning the waning attention span of audiences today. Trying to get ahead of the curve and keep your target audience on their toes can be tricky, but lucky for you, we have done the research. Read on to find out exactly why patches have got us so excited.

The Mighty Patches

Patches on clothing have been around for 100s of years. They have their humble beginnings in China to patch up holes in clothing, but they became fashion statements with royalty. Eventually, they made the military their home to identify rank. Patches have been consistent parts of fashion for centuries.

Moreover, they are still going strong today! They are so strong that they have come back as a current trend. Custom embroidered patches are everywhere — on sports team jackets, band merchandise, motorcycle club leathers, and Gen Z dressing in 90s style. How can this help you in your marketing strategy?

How to Use Patches for Marketing

There are two main points to note here before we can fully understand how to use embroidered patches for marketing:

  1. People like to belong to a community.
  2. Fashion means a lot.

Therefore, with that in mind, creating custom embroidered patches for your business meets both of those points. By introducing them for your customers, you are expanding your brand to be more than simply a place they buy from, but creating a place where they can feel part of a community.

Adding them to your employees’ uniforms is a great place to start. The logo will get the patches out into the public eye. From there, you can include them as prizes in giveaways and competitions. These make the patches sought after and thus will increase your positive marketing. From there, it is all plain sailing!


So, let us start with the biggie here: Custom embroidered patches are cheap! They are cost-effective methods of marketing with proven results! However, that is not where the benefits end.

In fact, using patches is a form of passive promotion — the more people wearing your patches, the more your brand is working wonders without you having to do a thing! Whether that is employees or customers, it does not matter.

Furthermore, it can be an excellent opportunity to support a cause! We know customers are concerned with brands’ ethics these days, so do a double whammy and advertise your brand while supporting a cause with your patches. It is a win-win!

Get Creative with Your Marketing!

When it comes to marketing, it is all about creating something lasting and memorable — something that people will talk about. Custom-embroidered patches do precisely that!

By bringing patches into your marketing strategy, you are introducing a cost-effective and highly beneficial passive promotion that will surely get your name out there.

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