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Veneers Vs Crowns: A Guide

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Veneers and crowns happen to be two types of dental restorative treatment that help restore teeth and ultimately smile. They both are designed to improve the teeth in terms of functionality and appearance. And, since both tend to offer the same kind of benefits, it is often assumed that these procedures are the same thing. But, it is important to note that while they may seem similar, they are two entirely different dental procedures with stark differences.

If you are someone who is considering these two dental treatments but couldn’t make a choice, you are at the right place. To help you decide which one is suitable for you, here is a guide for you shedding light on the differences and how they work.

Let the veneers vs crowns assessment begin!

Defining veneer

Veneers are non-invasive aesthetic dental treatments unlike dental crowns. During this treatment, most of your tooth is left intact. This is only because veneers are meant to cover the tooth’s front surface.

Half a millimeter of the tooth’s front is grounded down to make room for the veneer bonding. It is pertinent to mention that the newer types of dental veneers don’t require as such grinding of the tooth. Also, local anesthesia might be needed as the tooth grinding can be a painful stage.

Moreover, it is crucial that there is enough enamel on the tooth for the veneer to bond and work properly.

Defining dental crowns

Considering that dental crowns cover the tooth in its entirety, it calls for more filing of the tooth before it can be fixed. Typically, crowns are used to restore severely damaged teeth caused by decay or cracks. In case your damaged tooth is the result of tooth decay, then your dentist will remove the decayed part to rebuild the tooth in order for it to support the installation of the dental crown. Speaking of this, crowns are manufactured from either porcelain-fused metal alloy, or all-porcelain or an all-metal alloy. The dentist will go with the one you prefer and will then secure it on to your tooth.

Veneers vs crowns: The similarities and differences


As mentioned earlier, both are dental treatments meant to restore the way your teeth appear in addition to their function. These are typically used to rebuild damaged teeth, be it discolored, crooked, cracked or broken. Both dental veneers and crowns are designed in a way that they match the color of the teeth for a nice, seamless finish. It is difficult to tell whether you have veneers on or a crown because the final result is of similar nature.

Additionally, the aftercare is done the same way. You will be required to brush twice a day and floss to get rid of food particles. To sum up, you would have to visit the dentist on a regular basis for a routine checkup and professional cleaning.


The difference between these two dental procedures lies in the way they fit to the teeth and the reasons they are needed for. To put it in perspective, a veneer is fixed onto the tooth’s surface. On the other hand, a dental crown covers the tooth completely. This, in turn, makes the veneers more pleasing on aesthetic grounds as compared to crowns because they tend to put less gum on display. However, unlike veneers, dental crowns are thicker and permanent. The biggest difference probably is the fact that while veneers might need to be changed after a period of time, crowns will last for decades to come.

Veneer vs crown: Which one is right for me?

While both veneers and crowns seem to offer the same kind of function, they cannot be used interchangeably. Your dentist will determine which one is right for you after having assessed your dental situation. For an idea, dental crowns will prove to be the best option for individuals with severely damaged teeth, large filling or have gone through a root canal treatment. As for veneers, they are best for cosmetic purposes. Speaking of this, if your tooth is intact and requires minor correction, then your dentist will likely suggest that you opt for porcelain veneers. Click on this link to know the best one for you.

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