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Instacart has launched Coupons and Stock Up & Save promotion campaigns in Ad Manager

Instacart advertisers now have more options to promote their products on the platform. This week, Promotions were launched in the Ad Manager, giving brands access to Coupons, and Stock Up & Save campaigns.

Soon, Instacart will improve on the new Promotions offering with Free Gifts, and Buy One, Get One (BOGO).

What Instacart says. Ali Miller, vice president of ads product at Instacart, believes ordering groceries online should not be a luxury or convenience for some, but an option for everyone — no matter what the budget.

“With the launch of our new Instacart Promotions, all of our brand partners now have the ability to set up coupons and promotions that can drive meaningful business results while also passing on more savings opportunities to consumers,” Miller wrote in a post. “We’re proud to continue expanding our portfolio with additional self-service capabilities, ad formats that drive results, and measurement that brands need to understand the true impact of their campaigns on Instacart.”

Instacart’s new streamlined ad creation process. In October, Instacart launched an easier way for advertisers to create and manage their campaigns. You can read more about the new setup on their blog.

Why we care. New campaign types give advertisers and brands another way to promote their products to consumers and help them save money on a variety of items. If you have or manage a grocery or retail brand, you should test the new ad types in your account as soon as they are available.

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