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The Best Cannabis Seeds Legally Available in 2022

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Since cannabis’s medicinal uses and health benefits have spread far beyond the confines of the traditional pharmaceutical industry, many governments are considering legalizing marijuana plantation for general use.

As a result, many home growers and entrepreneurs see it as an excellent opportunity to prepare themselves for seed planting and cultivation. One can also find adequate information regarding the various strains and varieties of cannabis more easily at with convenient details regarding how to buy cannabis seeds online.

The Most Reliable Seeds

Some of the best-known seeds, with a long track record of producing high-quality yields in a wide range of species, are as follows:

1. The Girl Scout cookies are, overall, considered to be the best marijuana seeds. It is a cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison. The primary effects of this hybrid are euphoria and physical relaxation. It’s not for novice users, but those with a high tolerance from smoking will enjoy its potency. The flowering process takes 10–14 weeks. The GSC is superior to other species because of its resistance to disease and its resilience. The strain thrives best in warm, dry climates, but it is more commonly grown in wetter climates, such as the Pacific Northwest.

They are also great for indoor growing as they are both feminized and auto-flowering, especially if one does not wish to deal with timers and light cycles. But, because of the high levels of caryophyllene present in them, a robust peppery terpene may be pungent when GSC flowers. There is also rarely any need to be concerned about a lack of space, as they grow into stout but compact plants that produce dense and resin-packed buds weighing over 420 grams when properly cared for. As for the correct techniques, one may use the “sea of green” strategy, that is, instead of growing a few plants tall, one keeps them as small as possible using the dense-packing method. This makes it possible to get more grams per square foot and to cut the time it takes to flower to at least 45 days, which speeds up the harvest.

2. The next one on the list is the White Widow Feminized. Funnily enough, its origins are as of yet unknown. Being a hybrid that is well balanced, it just takes about 8 weeks to flower and fares very well outdoors. Also, it does not succumb to bud rot or other diseases. Suffice it to say that this strain, being immensely resilient, makes a perfect choice for novice growers.

It is known to be extremely potent and to greatly stimulate the brain. It is excellent for relaxation therapy and buzz reduction. One may get about 350–400 grams from each plant. If planting indoors, one may look for the auto-flowering version for those unwilling to keep up with light timers and schedules.

Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

3. The next is Jack Herer Fast Feminized, which flowers the fastest yet, within 6-7 weeks, and is comparatively very easy to grow. In this span, the grower may expect a harvest of 400 grams for each plant.

4. Super Silver Haze Feminized is considered to be the best feminized sativa marijuana seed. It was viral from 1997–1999, and it is a hybrid that is sativa-dominant; it has a warm and long-lasting buzz that is energizing, which is also pleasantly mild. This strain is most commonly credited for creativity enhancement as its CBG content is higher than average; it helps one retain focus and sharpness in cognition. These female marijuana plants are some of the best to grow in climates that are harsh, as they are mainly resistant to diseases.

Points to Note About Breeding

When cultivating seeds, it is crucial to think about the breeder, as not all breeders contain healthy genetics. But even if you manage to find healthy male and female seeds, the hybrid may still be vulnerable to diseases because of the poor quality of the parent seeds.

Staying with breeders who have proven themselves to be reliable within the industry and who are well-known for the high-quality products that they produce in their seed banks is the simplest way to avoid problems of this nature.

In Conclusion

Knowing the different seeds on sale is important, but knowing which ones are right for a given buyer is even more so; the strains mentioned above will make up the vast majority of the market in 2022. Now that you are aware of all of this information, you will be able to select the option that is most suitable to meet your requirements.

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