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Is Hiring PEO Services Worthwhile for UK Businesses?

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When getting your business up and running in the UK, there can be a lot to consider and keep in mind to ensure that you not only get off to the best start, but also tick all of the right boxes to comply with UK law and the requirements outlined by the HMRC. When all of this feels overwhelming and complicated, it may be time to hire Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) services to help you out.

What Can a Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) Do?

A UK Peo acts as an assistive service when outsourcing employer-related human resources. It can professionally handle all of the necessary protocols and functions when taking care of the needs of your employees. When entering into a co-employment relationship, you can expect:

  • Integrated HR services
  • Compliance assistance
  • Help with recruiting and hiring
  • Help with employee onboarding and training
  • Payroll management
  • Help with employee handbooks
  • Benefits administration
  • Unemployment administration
  • Help with workers’ compensation
  • Employment tax management


Aside from the level of assistance and support offered by PEOs, here are some of the major benefits of hiring this service:

The Ability to Dedicate Your Efforts Elsewhere

As there is simply so much to take care of when considering employer-related human resources, it takes up a significant amount of time and energy to correctly handle everything. When you have a dedicated PEO team, you will not have the additional responsibilities associated with this and will be able to better direct your efforts and expertise where you need them most.

Peace of Mind

A huge, complicated workload undoubtedly leads to stress. Moreover, when you are not familiar with the processes of employment-related HR, you overlook some very important aspects that cost you money. (For example, you may miss a legal requirement that results in a fine.) Having a dedicated, expert team taking care of everything for you means that you can sit back and relax knowing that your employees will be happy, all payments have been made, and your business will be functioning at full capacity.

Not Designed to Replace Internal HR Teams

Some businesses may worry about replacing their current HR team and may feel like the firing process will be too stressful to undertake and end up not hiring PEO services when they need specialist assistance. The good news is that these teams are not actually designed to take on the roles of in-house HR operatives. They are instead typically employed as assistive measures when businesses need to reduce the time and effort spent on complicated or involved tasks that help them to remain compliant with the employment laws set by the HMRC.

As your HR team will not have to take on additional roles, they will also have the benefit of better dedicating their efforts to creating strategic initiatives, building relationships within the company, and sourcing top talent. In the grand scheme of things, this will help your business to function better overall.

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