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What Is Disruptive Innovation and How Can It Transform Your Business?

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In the era of digitalization, you can easily replace big players. Disruptive companies can identify and solve problems existing players in a market have overlooked. They create unique value propositions that appeal to new customers who demand change. This is what happened with Blockbuster, Borders, Kodak, and other once-dominant businesses in the face of digital disruption. Read on and find out how the past, present, and future are affected by disruptive innovations.

What Is Disruptive Innovation?

Most people consider disruptive innovation as a new product or service different and better than what is currently available. However, they are not. Disruptive innovation is the process where a company or product emerges and takes over an existing market by displacing established competitors.

The term “disruptive innovation” was popularized by Clay Christensen’s book, “The Innovator’s Dilemma,” which came out in 1997. The book became a hit among entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, the home of the brightest minds in the world.

So how can you create disruptive innovation in your business? There are three key steps:

  • Identify opportunities
  • Develop solutions
  • Execute seamlessly

Examples of Disruptive Innovation

Here are two popular disruptive innovations:


Netflix is an excellent example of a disruptive company. When it first started, it was a DVD-by-mail service. It soon realized that DVDs were becoming obsolete, so it pivoted and became a streaming service.

That disruptive move caught the industry by surprise. Netflix identified an opportunity of shifting from DVDs to streaming. They developed a solution that appealed to subscribers who wanted to watch TV shows and movies online.


A common thread among business leaders of disruptive companies is the naysayers. Many people told them their idea would not work, but they did not care what others thought.

One example is Jeff Bezos, who left a stable job to start a company he thought would probably fail. Nevertheless, he went ahead with his idea despite what anyone said.

Amazon was the result of that idea and is an excellent example of a company that has seamlessly executed a disruptive innovation. It started as an online platform for selling books but began offering CDs in 1998 and other products in 1999.

However, the real disruption was when Bezos realized he could scale faster if he allowed third-party sellers on the platform. He did so in 2000, and the rest is history.

Amazon eventually expanded into other markets, such as groceries and cloud computing. The key to its success was it was able to identify opportunities and develop solutions that appealed to new customers.

How Can Disruptive Innovation Transform Businesses?

Here are ways that disruptive innovation can transform your business:

Social Media

Many believe that social media is a disruptive innovation. Undoubtedly, it has changed how people communicate and interact with one another. However, its impact extends far beyond that. Social media has also disrupted the way businesses operate.

For example, businesses can now use social media to connect with customers more meaningfully. They can also use social media to build brand awareness and online presence. Additionally, companies can use social media to bring traffic to their websites and sell products and services.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is another example of disruptive innovation. It changed the way businesses operate and had a profound impact on other industries. Cloud computing allows direct access to information and applications over the Internet. You can use your computer or mobile device to access data and applications hosted on remote servers.

One of the key benefits of cloud infrastructures is allowing businesses to reduce their IT costs. They no longer have to purchase and maintain their own data centers. Additionally, companies can access their data and applications from any location, which makes it easier for them to work remotely.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is a disruptive innovation that changed the way we do business. This technology allows you to create and share digital records of transactions (i.e., contracts, payments, assets, etc.). With blockchain technology, you can create and track transactions without third-party intermediaries such as banks, governments, and other financial services.

One of the best benefits of blockchain technology is its security and transparency. All transactions are on a public ledger accessible by anyone. Additionally, blockchain technology is resistant to fraud and hacking, because it uses cryptography to encrypt data.

Mobile Payments

Mobile payments have changed how we pay for goods and services. It is fast and convenient. You can use your smartphone to purchase goods and services with only a few clicks. Business owners and freelancers can also collect client and customer payments through these technologies.

Big Data Analytics

It is a type of analytics that allows you to process and make sense of large amounts of data. You can use big data analytics to make better business decisions by understanding patterns and trends in your data. It helps them understand their customers, their competition, and the market.

Make Disruptive Innovation Work for Your Business!

What can you do to make disruptive innovation work for your business? Be open to change and embrace new technologies. Doing so will help you identify opportunities for disrupting your industry.

Disruptive innovations often cause upheaval in the marketplace. You must be ready to adapt quickly. Cloud computing, blockchain technology, and mobile payments disrupt traditional industries, so you must innovate to stay competitive.

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