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New Jersey Punters Continue to Go All-in on Online Wagering

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New Jersey as a state has always been inextricably linked with gambling, with Atlantic City having always been a hub for thrill seekers and punters for decades.

However, like many states in the United States, it was very slow to the draw when it came to the burgeoning and developing world of online sports betting.

Legislation had never been passed across the whole country for the legalisation of online sports betting, leaving America lagging behind many other countries but the decision to give each state full autonomy over its online gambling sphere was met with a mixed reaction back in 2018.

New Jersey, like many other states, jumped on board the bandwagon straight away, as it looked to entice players to get stuck into the packed gambling calendar it offered up for its players.

Success wasn’t as instantaneous as many people expected, with gamblers often a little reluctant to move away from their existing gaming habits and the online betting sphere was a relatively unexposed and under-sold industry in the Garden State.

However, big name bookmakers and online casinos such as BetMGM and FanDuel have slowly begun to make their mark on the New Jersey online gambling scene and it is betting that has brought about the most seismic change within the marketplace.

New Jersey has always been a sports-mad state and being able to bet on the action, as it unfolds, has transformed the way in which most sporting events are consumed in the New Jersey boundary lines.

In-play betting has of course been hugely successful for players, with big NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB fixtures being piled into by punters, as they look to pre-empt what may happen next and pick up some money from it at the same time.

Ante-post and outright bets have also taken hold in New Jersey too, with so many different sporting events to get on board with in the Garden State, punters are truly spoilt for choice.

For many, sustained growth within the sports betting industry in New Jersey has been a very long time coming but in 2022 alone, New Jersey residents gambled over $11 billion through online sports betting platforms – a 400% increase on the numbers from just a few years ago.

In December of 2022 alone, over $1 billion was staked, the third consecutive month that the billion dollar mark had been surpassed in New Jersey and it is stats and growth like this that have all associated with the sports betting markets in the Garden State filled with excitement.

The link between the residents of New Jersey and top level sporting action has always been tight and with sports betting markets to access in their droves too, the sports betting industry in New Jersey currently knows no bounds.

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