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6 Surefire Promotional Items to Expand Your Brand

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When you want to increase sales and boost your business, you must expand your brand. You want the public to immediately recognize and appreciate your brand when they see it, after all. If you’re working in a small community, having a recognizable brand becomes that much more essential. With this in mind, here are six surefire promotional items that can help you expand your brand in 2023:

1. Tote Bags

Tote bags have remained one of the top choices for promotional marketing giveaway campaigns for years. They allow your customers to go about their daily lives in an organized, stylish fashion and can be designed to be fun and exciting with ease. People are especially fond of using tote bags when they go to the grocery or go book shopping. Any business owner that prioritizes health, or a good deal, will love the ability to benefit from promotional items such as tote bags. Tote bags are also useful to have on hand at significant events. They can be distributed straight at the entry and filled with other goodies. The more value you pack into the tote bags you give out, the better.

2. Pens

Pens are among the most widely used promotional items, mainly because they are both affordable and frequently handy. If your company distributes branded pens, you may anticipate that they will change hands frequently and be used repeatedly. Writing by hand helps you connect with the words you’re jotting down and improves how well your brain processes them as well. You’re helping your clients by encouraging them to keep writing by hand. As they write down ideas they love, they’ll associate the origin of that idea with your business. Not only will this make them more likely to buy your products, but it will make them feel more emotionally attached to your brand as well.

3. T-Shirts

People absolutely adore free t-shirts, so they make a great choice for any promotional marketing campaign. A good t-shirt is usually appreciated by everyone, especially if it’s free, so be sure to consider t-shirts when planning your next campaign. People tend to have at least a few t-shirts in their wardrobe, so making your brand a key part of their fashion setup is a great way to get your brand in front of new people. Each time they wear your branded shirt in public, they are exposing hundreds of new people to your brand. This “walking billboard” effect is one of the best results of promotional marketing campaigns, which is why wearables and accessories have always made for fantastic promotional marketing items.

4. Stress Balls

Every day, we all have a lot on our plates, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed. After all, most Americans report experiencing moderate to high levels of stress every single month. A stress ball is a step in the right direction, and by emblazoning a stress ball with your logo, you can ensure that your business becomes related to feelings of relaxation. You can get branded stress balls that are appropriate for your industry, and they even come in various shapes that can make them stand out. The fact that these toys are a soft, enjoyable way to advertise an organization has put them at the top of the list of promotional goods for years.

5. Coffee Mugs

Everyone loves a warm, relaxing cup of coffee in the morning. We drink billions of cups of coffee every year, so it’s not hard to see why coffee mugs are beloved as they are. As a business owner, you have to be aware of what the public finds enjoyable if you want to stay relevant. Coffee mugs are always a great idea for promotional marketing, as they will be used frequently, and associated with positive feelings (and the beginning of good days). If you can get a caffeine addict hooked on using your mug, your brand’s reputation will soar in their minds.

6. USB Drives

Even though old-school methods of file sharing are not as popular as they used to be, USB drives are still quite helpful. Because we’ve discovered a solution to make file sharing far more straightforward and minimal (the internet), personal file sharing in person feels more intimate. For this reason, USB drives can make for great promotional marketing gifts, especially when it comes to trade shows and other business-centric events. After all, no matter what industry you work in, USB drives are incredibly useful for transferring files.

Make Your Brand Well-Known in Your Community

By giving out promotional gifts, you can make your brand become a distinct, visible part of your community’s atmosphere. This organic way of marketing your brand helps people trust your business, and can help boost your sales significantly when it’s done right. After all, there’s a reason brands have been using promotional marketing campaigns for decades.

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