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Why Start-Ups Should Consider Using Aluminum Packaging

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When establishing a start-up from scratch, one major decision is to consider the packaging material for the end products. Packaging keeps the world organized, and packaging today responds to consumer demand, choice and convenience. As consumers’ average shopping IQ grows, the growing trend towards sustainable products is observed. Contrary to conventional plastic packaging, a growing customer base is on the lookout for sustainable shopping, which includes sustainable packaging. Today’s typical sustainable packaging includes aluminum bottles, glass containers, make-to-order custom tins, cardboard boxes, and more.

Packaging plays an essential role in deciding what product a customer picks from the shelves of a store. Therefore, when selecting a packaging material for your start-up, you should consider the material aesthetics and its impact on your brand image; furthermore, the durability and availability of the material are also crucial in your decision-making. And considering the earlier-mentioned things, there is no better packaging material than aluminum. Owing to its premium feel and recyclable nature, it instantly grabs customer attention and builds an eco-friendly image for your start-up. Aluminum as a packaging material is durable enough to safeguard products stored inside on national and international journeys. Below is a list of reasons why you should consider using aluminum packaging for your start-up:

1. Branding and Design

Aluminum is one of the most robust metals, yet it is very pliable and very easy to mold due to its low melting point. These characteristics of aluminum give you the freedom to realize your creativity and create your custom designs to grab customer’s attention. Aluminum surfaces are also easy to print on, even with the current printing technologies, which allow you to print your company logos and slogans in various styles to win over customers’ hearts. Thanks to its easy handling in manufacturing, you can easily make custom tins based on customer demands. Aluminum also gives customers a premium feel compared to other packaging materials such as plastic and cardboard, which helps you build a premium image for your brand.

2. Availability

Aluminum is the most commonly found natural metal on earth. For any business to be successful, it is necessary to find a constant and cheap supply chain of the required materials in the industry. It is safe to say that aluminum is a never-ending material, giving it an upper hand over other packaging materials. You do not have to worry about aluminum availability ever, and to top it off, it is also one of the easiest and most recycled materials. This makes its availability more permanent, and with advancements in technologies recycling aluminum will become even cheaper in the future.

3. Eco-Friendly

As mentioned above, aluminum is one of the easiest materials to recycle. In fact, it takes only 5% of energy to recycle aluminum rather than extracting it from ore. This quality of aluminum places it at the top of the recycling chain. This reduces energy bills and the carbon footprint of the packaging industry. If you select aluminum for your product packaging, it will help you generate an eco-friendly image for your brand. Customers are more cautious than ever about the environment.

4. Lightweight

Aluminum is a lightweight yet very tough metal. These characteristics make aluminum a perfect candidate for packaging material, especially for consumable products. The major rival to aluminum within the food and cosmetics industry is glass packaging material. However, owing to the fragile nature and heavier weight of glass, many start-ups are going with aluminum as a packaging material for their products. Choosing the lighter yet safer and more durable material makes more sense. The lightweight aluminum also helps reduce transportation costs by reducing tons of cargo weight. Aluminum cargo handling is easier than other packaging materials such as glass and ceramics due to its strength and durable nature.

5. Product Safety

Aluminum can provide safety to various products, including beverages, food, and cosmetics. Some food and cosmetics need to be kept away from sunlight. Aluminum is the best choice for such products; its opaque nature protects food and cosmetics from sunlight, humidity, and harmful UV rays. Aluminum is naturally air and waterproof, which means it can hold beverages without any issue. Contrary to ordinary plastic bottles, aluminum is BPA-free. Aluminum also keeps away the air moisture and oxygen from the food and cosmetics stored inside, thus maintaining the product’s quality and increasing its overall shelf life.

Final Thoughts on Aluminum Packaging

To conclude, aluminum should be your number one choice if you look for packaging material for your start-up. It is getting more and more famous among customers, as they are now determined to reduce their carbon footprint and move towards a more sustainable lifestyle. It is also beneficial for your company in the long run. You do not have to worry about the supply chain and reduce the transportation cost of your cargo.

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