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How You Could Be Drawing Pests into Your Home

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Every home deals with some type of pest from time to time. This is usually because of some overlooked things, either a famous pest hideout or something that you do not know can attract pests. Whether you want to prevent a pest infestation or are dealing with one, you need an expert provider of Pest Control Services to help you handle the issue. Aside from treating the infestation, pest control experts also give you advice on how you can avoid infestations in the future. Also, they will tell you the common things that can lure pests into your home. These include the following:

Overgrown Landscaping

Some pests love to stay in overgrown bushes where they can hide out. Thick bushes make a perfect place for slugs, snakes, and ants to hide. So, trim your landscaping regularly, particularly bushes against your home. And if you have been dealing with small animals, create open space by removing limbs 12 inches from the bottom.

Damaged Screens

Tiny holes in your window screens allow insects to enter your house. Also, missing or torn screens over crawlspaces and attics let even bigger pests in. So, check the screens in early spring and fall.

Pet Food Placed Outdoors

Pet food placed outside sets up a buffet for pests. If you have a bird feeder around, place it away from your house to prevent pests from tearing up your yard. If you really have to put pet foods outside, pick them up before nightfall or limit feeding to a space that is tightly fenced such as a dog kennel.

Old Door Insulation and Sweeps

Many pests can get through your house through the insulation and sweeps of your door. If you have an aging door sweep or insulation, check if you can see light around it while you are outside of the house. If this is the case, you will only attract bugs into your house through that light, so consider getting new sweeps and insulation. After all, new door insulation and sweeps will help ensure your home has climate-controlled air.

Dirty Dishes

Leaving dirty dishes in your sink offers pests an unlimited source of food. So, rinse your dishes after every meal and place them in the dishwasher. Keeping your sink free of dishes can eliminate a source of food for those unwelcomed guests. Also, you must wipe your counters and stove frequently to ensure you do not attract pests into these spaces.

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