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Lensa Connect: Job Ads on Demand

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If you’re running a home business, the chances are that you would gladly welcome an additional stream of revenue, one that didn’t take any of your focus or energy away from your business and would actually help you better serve your existing customers in the process.

If you’ve implemented the tips on how to boost your organic rankings and you’ve taken the time and effort to drive traffic to your website, then you deserve to be rewarded for your efforts. The new Lensa Connect widget can allow you to do just that.

In this short article, we’ll take a look at a new piece of technology in the form of a widget called Lensa Connect and how it can help entrepreneurs of home businesses increase their revenue in a few short minutes.

What Is Lensa?

Launched in San Fransisco back in 2016, Lensa is a data-driven US jobs portal that uses machine learning systems to help job seekers and recruiters build successful, sustaining careers.

With over 20 million members, a typical month at Lensa consists of over 175,000 resumes submitted and over 85 million job alerts delivered. And Lensa continues to grow, gaining, on average, around 400,000 new registered members a month.

Lensa embraces technology and puts it to the service of both job seekers and recruiters alike. Lensa’s real-time AI technology searches millions of job listings to better pair job seekers and recruiters with opportunities that fit their specific needs.

Lensa Connect

Lensa has developed a widget, and an API (Lensa Connect) that enables third-party members to list Lensa job offers on their websites and then track and monetize the activity.

Lensa Connect is made possible through the seamless integration of a code snippet. This code snippet is fully customizable in case the user wishes to modify it according to the color and size of their webpage. Thanks to Lensa Connect, home business owners can use their websites to generate additional income for themselves — additional income they can then reinvest in their business.

Thanks to Lensa Connect, when someone visits your website, your visitor will be given access to tailored job postings. You are then paid for each click. As a home business owner, you can add this Lensa Connect snippet anywhere to your web pages, including posts and categories of a site’s HTML block.

Monetizing Lensa Connect

With Lensa Connect, monetization begins almost immediately. Once the widget code has been applied to your website’s HTML panel, and you’ve created your first campaign, your website is already being monetized on a Cost-per-Click (CPC) basis. This means that the more people click, the more income you receive.

It’s worth pointing out that Lensa tailors their services to the US market only. Therefore, monetization refers to opt-in US traffic. Lensa does not operate outside the US, and traffic from outside the US is not monetized with Lensa Connect.

It is easy to track your earnings, too. It’s all broken down into a convenient and easy-to-read monthly report.

Monetizing Your Website the Smart Way

Building and maintaining a website is not an easy matter, not to mention all the time and energy put into getting noticed, driving traffic, and engaging users. It’s only right that after putting in so much work that your website should become a source of revenue for you and your business.

There are several ways to go about monetizing your website. However, they don’t all yield the same results, and some methods could even have negative effects on your website and brand.

Pay-per-click is widely considered one of the top ways to monetize a website. And there are a variety of ways you can set up a pay-per-click monetization program. Lensa Connect is one way. Some business owners choose to monetize their websites by going through a monetization platform or an ad network. There are a few things to keep in mind when considering going this route.

  • Brand Cohesion

How “on brand” are the ads going to be?

The chances are quite high that at least one of the several ads the agency or platform puts on your website will not correspond to the brand of your website and might even harm your brand by association.

  • Competing with Yourself

If you’re hosting ads on your website, the chances are quite high that at least one of the several ads will be aimed at selling a product or a service. That’s in essence what an ad is. But then these ads would, in a sense, be competing with you for the user’s money, money the user should be spending on your business, on your product or service.

The advantage of using Lensa Connect is that it completely eliminates these two legitimate issues that arise with website monetization. The AI-powered job search platform, Lensa, is completely free to use for job seekers. Lensa Connect is not used to try and sell the visitors of your website anything. Lensa Connect is never in competition with you for your visitors’ money.

Thanks to machine learning algorithms, Lensa Connect also tailors its job postings to the specifics of the visitor. And these job postings represent opportunities for the visitor. It is hard to imagine how that might clash with the branding or image of your website.

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