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The Smartest Ways to Choose a New Career That Will Lead You Towards Success in 2023

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While all new professionals want to achieve success and job stability as quickly as possible, few are willing to take the smartest path to achieve it. Choosing or changing your career path can be a turning point in many people’s lives. In this article, we’ll guide you towards the right steps so you can find the right job.

According to a FlexJobs study, more than 68 percent of American workers consider changing careers. On the other hand, 19 percent would analyze that option if they find an amazing job opportunity. If you have doubts about your current work status, read the tips below to make an informed decision.

Key Circumstances When Changing Careers

Before looking for a new job, the most important thing to think about is the set of factors that will benefit you with that new decision. Let’s review them below:


Make a list of interests that you identify with and assess whether your new career path offers these goals. Concentrate on how to connect your areas of knowledge or greatest interest with the goals that your potential career demands. If you find a job offer that helps you become better and learn more, you are on the right track.


Choose a job that requires the technical skills you have developed during your education process. However, keep your mind open to learning new skills. If you are good with numbers and complex calculations, consider a career path in data science. If you are interested in the science of understanding and healing the human body, you may lean towards a healthcare career.


Professionals have different approaches to different work environments. If you have a leadership mindset, choose a career that involves managerial roles. But if you’re looking to stay constantly mentally active amid a dynamic learning process, work as a data analyst or software developer, for example. If you don’t have any technical background, you might want to sign up for a coding bootcamp.

Job Availability

Verify that your career has a potential job outlook in the market. The fields with the best economic growth and demand projections are the healthcare and tech industries. Focus on the statistics of wages, level of demand, and work conditions of the highest-rated majors in the global economy.


Evaluate the different salary offers for each career and the proposals of each company for the same job position. Take into account whether you want to choose a career that offers 6-figure-salary, whose income allows you to cover basic expenses, save, recoup your investment in financing studies, and pay your student loans.


The profession you choose should bring out the best in you and exploit your skills. That ideal career should offer you appropriate work resources, knowledge, travel experiences, great colleagues, and high-performance projects for your professional level.

When Is It a Good Time to Change Your Career?

A key fact to take into account when considering changing careers is that, according to the State Higher Education Executive Office, advanced degree holders earn an average salary 35 percent higher than bachelor’s degree holders. In addition, consider the following reasons why professionals may migrate from their current industry:

  • Job Dissatisfaction: If you feel that your job does not meet your expectations in terms of success, results, or performance, then it is time to seek a new career path.
  • Toxic Work Environment: When there is no camaraderie, cooperation, or collaboration in the shared vision of the company, the personal and professional relationships of the employees will be affected. Therefore, your performance will also be affected.
  • Low Salary: A professional who does not have a good income loses financial autonomy. If this is your situation, look for better salary offers to improve your quality of life and socioeconomic status. Stability is always essential.
  • Negative Effects to Your Personal Life and Health: Work stress causes illness. If work overload has you chronically exhausted, losing sleep, suffering from headaches, or experiencing other physical symptoms, your body and mind may be telling you that this is not the right career for you.


Although there is no ideal formula when striving to choose a new career, these tips and parameters should lead to the most suitable decision for your goals. Economic, labor, and personal factors are the keys for you to build a track record of success and long-term stability.

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