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Maximizing Efficiency and Improving Safety: The Impact of Intelligent Transport Solutions

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Intelligent transit information can enable transport operators to provide smarter journeys. With technology continuously evolving, the systems in place for vehicle monitoring and keeping people up to date with transport schedules, continue to improve.

Collectively, these are known as intelligent transport systems (ITS).

Read on to find out more on how they can maximize efficiency and safety for transit agencies and operators.

A brief guide on intelligent transport solutions

To understand the benefits of ITS, it’s best to briefly know what they are. ITS are systems and technology applied to the transportation infrastructure, which manages the reliability of the transportation network, ensuring it runs smoothly.

ITS can improve many aspects of transportation, for agencies, drivers, and riders, by combining leading-edge information and communication technologies.

Real-time vehicle monitoring

A prime example of ITS is real-time vehicle monitoring, which takes positional information from tracking devices on public transport, and relays them to transit agencies to manage and monitor.

This links in with real-time passenger information, which gives riders live service updates that can be seen on various displays. For example, for train updates this would be on-platform.

Live service updates give more reliable information related to public transport schedules and predicted arrivals, so passengers can make journey decisions based on this information.

Automated fare collection

ITS can use automation through automated fare collection — an efficient way to streamline ticketing for passengers.

By streamlining the ticket experience, riders can access the best value fares and have the choice to pay in the most convenient way for them. Part of this can involve mobile ticketing applications, which make travel plans for riders easier.

Automated fare collection can save time through the function of contactless processes, removing cash and the human element of buying a train ticket. Speeding up this process allows for a punctual service, with riders reaching their destination effortlessly.

The impacts of intelligent transport solutions

With a few specific examples of how ITS works, there are further impacts that these systems have, particularly on efficiency and cost cutting for transport companies.

Here are a few showing just how powerful they can be when used effectively and on a wider level:

  • Safer roads – Using ITS is one of the greatest ways to make transportation safer. Real-time data collected with ITS helps with quality of driving, in turn reducing accidents. Not only this, but immediate updates can be sent if an incident was to happen, ensuring further accidents are prevented.
  • Public transport and passenger loyalty – ITS can help encourage more people to travel on public transport. But when using this form of transportation, riders want efficiency. ITS do this by providing more accurate schedules for travelling, and better information about delays. Riders will have increased trust in using public transport, which will encourage more people to use it.
  • More transport data – With ITS gathering such vital real-time information, there is a large array of accurate travel data that can be accessed to aid towards developing transport systems.
  • Drive revenue – For transit agencies and operators, ITS can help to drive revenue, as the data collected can locate unmet demand, whilst creating revenue streams from sales of live service data.
  • Reduce costs – By using ITS and properly managing the transportation network, it allows for capacity optimization across a whole transit network. Not only this, but the use of ITS generate operational reports that can support transport grants.

The impact of ITS is clear, especially with regards to its efficiency and helping to streamline the future of transportation. By improving efficiency, the safety and reliability of transportation networks will only improve, as this technology continues to evolve.

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