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Whip Up Hype for Your Small Business with Picture Perfect Whipped Cream — Every Time!

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It’s every baker’s dream: consistent, gorgeous desserts. And we’re not talking mass-producing with a machine. You can still craft your desserts from scratch and get Instagram-worthy products. Discover the best of both worlds: kitchen accessories and baking passion. Rather than giving up something special, like just how many eggs and whether or not you add the whites, instead save time on the mundane things — like hand whipping your heavy cream. You can still control the dispensing and even what nozzle you use; just leave the texture and consistency to your new best friend: the whipped cream charger.

A whipped cream charger uses nitrous oxide gas to fluff up the foam in a matter of seconds. Read on to learn how it works and how you can use it to take your new business to the next level!

The Basics of Whipped Cream Chargers

If you thought “nitrous oxide gas” sounded familiar, you’re not imagining things. It’s a fairly well-known chemical, primarily used in medical fields like dentistry. That’s right: it’s laughing gas! N2O is non-toxic and actually has a subtly sweet flavor, perfect for blending with your favorite whipped cream ingredients!

But you can’t use the charger by itself. You need two things to go with it: a whipped cream dispenser and a pressure regulator. The pressure regulator allows you to adjust the rate of N2O allowed in the dispenser, so you can customize your textures and even use your chargers for other desserts like mousse.

Chargers are available in various sizes so that every kitchen can find its perfect match. If you’re a home chef or a hobbyist, the smaller 8G chargers will likely be sufficient. But if you run a full-time kitchen or want to take on more orders, ExoticWhip offers an industrial-sized whip-it tank housing 640G.

But wait, what’s a whip-it tank? It’s another term for a whipped cream charger, the device of many names. You may find it called “a whippet” in some areas or shortened to “cream charger.” But each name is referring to the same kitchen accessory. It’s basically the “soda vs. pop” debate all over again.

How to Use a Whipped Cream Charger

First, put your heavy cream into the dispenser and add any additional sugar or flavorings. Seal the dispenser, add the charger, and shake as vigorously as you can for at least thirty seconds. Then tilt the dispenser and squeeze that trigger. Ta-da! It’s that easy.

Why? Well, the nitrous oxide dissolves into the whipped cream and creates tiny little bubbles for the perfect fluffiness while whipping all of the ingredients together. Shaking helps ensure that the texture and blending are consistent throughout, and the dispenser brings the cream out in the perfect form. It’s also stable, letting your designs last for hours.

Dispensers can have interchangeable nozzles, so do some research before deciding which one is best for you. If you need to go to a specific distributor for the charger, you can always ask for their advice on what dispensers work best with their cartridges.

Other Uses for Cream Chargers

Trust us, we get it. Running a small business is rough, and you have to be careful with every expenditure as you get started, especially since you already have to figure out what marketing you can do yourself. This is one of the reasons whipped creams are a great investment — you can use them for more than just whipped cream!

Despite their namesake use, chargers actually have several uses. We already hinted in the how-to that you could make flavored whipped cream as well as plain. And earlier, we mentioned mousse. And that’s still just a sample! If you serve coffee with your pastries, you can use a charger to start making nitro coffee. For a refreshing pop of flavor, you can also carbonate fruit! Nitrous oxide is actually used in a variety of dishes, drinks, and desserts. You can make veggie foams, and cheese foams — even cocktails can get the foam treatment! If you’re looking for an easy way to infuse oil or butter with your favorite herbs and spices, whip-its can help.

Let’s Talk About Your Bottom Line

Finances can be a struggle when you’re building up a small business. Whippets are a great investment because they serve many purposes, but also because they save you time and open avenues for social media marketing. You don’t need to be reminded about how long it can take to whip cream by hand, and why would you want to spend a bunch of money on the pre-made stuff? Whippets help you mix convenience with quality — and the results are gorgeous!

It can take a little trial and error to find the best pressure for a specific dessert, but once you have the recipe down, you’ll be able to achieve consistent results for all of your creations. This both boosts your advertisements and enhances your customers’ experience. And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love drooling over pictures of pristine pastries or colorful cupcakes?

So, what are you waiting for? Give your small business its next big boost, and invest in a whipped cream charger!

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