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Meta rolls out new search tool to track branded content campaigns

Meta has launched a new search tool that tracks branded content campaigns.

The feature, titled “Search Branded Content”, is located in the Ads Library and gives users the option to filter the database by platform, date range (currently, only the previous seven days is available) and username.

From here, you’ll get deeper insights into competitor strategies, including details on their approach, creator-business relationships and campaign frequency.

Why we care. Gaining insights into the influencers your competitors collaborate with and staying informed about rival campaigns can serve as valuable inspiration. This information can influence your brand’s decisions regarding partnership choices.

How it works. Social media expert, Lindsey Gamble, shared a screenshot of what the new search tool looks like on X (formerly known as Twitter):

Ads Library

Within the post, Gamble shared a video demonstration illustrating the new feature’s navigation. The video showcases how users can use the tool to gain insights into campaigns involving specific influencers and brands.

When applying the influencer filter, the tool presents an overview of their ongoing campaigns and brand collaborations. Conversely, users can also opt to filter results by brand, revealing the influencers associated with their current campaigns.

Why now? Meta’s decision to improve transparency around branded content campaigns comes as the European Union brings the Digital Services Act into force on Friday – a regulation that puts more onus on large platforms with more than 45 million regional users to create safer digital spaces.

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What has Meta said? Commenting on the new Branded Content search feature, Meta said:

  • “Ads are just one way for businesses to promote a product or service on Facebook and Instagram. They can also work together with a content creator to promote something in a post, story, video or reel. Meta provides transparency about this type of content by showing a paid partnership label on it and by including it in the Ad Library.”
  • “Use the branded content search to find posts, stories, videos and reels on Facebook and Insatgramt that involved a Paid Partnership. You can filter by app and date.”
  • “[This tool] is for anyone who wants to see content from a creator who has worked together with a business.”

Deep dive: Check out Meta’s new Branded Content search tool in the Ads Library to see how it works.

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