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Simple Ways to Improve Home Office Lighting

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As remote work becomes more prevalent, creating a productive and comfortable home office environment is essential. One thing that often gets overlooked is the lighting setup. This is even more important if your workspace doesn’t have much natural lighting.

And if you have been feeling discomfort in your eyes, difficulty focusing, experiencing headaches, or feeling drained then it must be the poor lighting in your home office.

By making some adjustments to the lighting in your work area, you can invigorate your workspace and enhance its comfort.

Here are six simple ways to improve the lighting in your home workspace for a productive workday.

Reduce Screen Glare and Eye Strain

Spending long hours in front of a computer screen is tough on your eyes. You may expect to experience the following as well:

  • dry and itchy eyes
  • blurry vision
  • headache
  • neck and shoulder pain

But there are ways to make your work experience at your home office more comfortable and healthier. This is why you should have balanced lighting in your workspace. To do that, check the direction where your light is coming from.

If you have a light source placed behind you while working on your computer, it will likely cause an irritating glare on your monitor. One of the best practices to minimize glare is to position your computer screen away from direct light sources and adjust the angle of your screen.

Also, check for unintended shadows formed by lamps. It is better to have multiple light sources that adequately light up the area without creating strong shadows. Having well-spread-out, soft lighting will prevent any areas from being too bright or too dark.

Create Task Lighting

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There’s no difference working at your home office desk from your workspace in the office, you probably use it for different tasks from laptop or computer work to paperwork. You might also have a layout or photo reviewing station right in your home office and all of these can have a dedicated task lighting set up to improve your ability to see without stressing your eyes.

Adding a desk lamp is ideal for creating task lighting. There is an adjustable type of desk lamp that is flexible for you to place the light where you need it.

Make Use of Natural Sunlight

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Set up your work area near windows where you have natural lighting. It’s time that you recognize the benefits of having natural sunlight in your room. Not only does it creates a healthier and more enjoyable working environment, but various research studies have also highlighted its positive impact on both productivity levels and overall mood.

In addition, you may want to consider window coverings like blinds do a great job of diffusing direct sunlight entering the room. This way, glare or harsh shadows on computer screens can be minimized or completely eliminate any discomfort caused by excessive brightness while you work.

Added Comfort with Ambient Lighting

Lighting in Office

In the majority of home offices, it is quite common to have ambient lighting that is spread evenly throughout the entire space. This creates a soothing and comfortable atmosphere for working or studying at home.

It is important to have a balanced ambient lighting in your home office. And to achieve this, consider using fixtures like recessed lights or ceiling-mounted lamps that provide gentle overhead illumination. Another option could be placing floor or table lamps strategically around the room to ensure there are no areas with inadequate light levels.

If you’re looking for a trendy and contemporary look to boost your work-from-home set up, pendant lights or wall sconces are your perfect choices. These lighting options provide ample illumination without creating too many shadows, as the light source is positioned lower than recessed can lights. You can easily find these stylish lighting fixtures at Zest Lighting as they have extensive collection of designer lights at an affordable price from modern to classic designs.

Ambient lighting can also be provided by natural light if you have glass walls that allow sunlight to filter through.

Having ample general lighting is important for creating a well-lit and functional workspace. That is why having diffused ambient lighting in your home office design will not only create a pleasant environment but also enhance productivity and overall well-being.

Considering Creative Lighting


To enhance the visual appeal of your home office, consider adding decorative and accent lighting. This type of lighting adds an extra layer of charm and depth to your space by highlighting certain areas or objects within the room, like artworks or architectural features.

Just picture how much more productive you could be during work hours if you had these amazing features in your office space.

There are various options for accent lighting that you can choose from, such as floor lamps, wall-mounted lights, or even picture lights. Make sure to select a style that complements both your functional requirements and existing decor to achieve a cohesive look.

Choosing the Right Bulb

Selecting the right bulb for your home office lighting is important in creating a productive and comfortable workspace. One thing that you should consider is the colour temperature of the bulb. Remember, this will affect your home office’s appearance and the feel inside the room. Will it be comfortable enough to keep you productive and also reduce eye strain?

Know the following colour temperature and make it your guide next time you’re buying for a new bulb:

High Colour Temperature (Cool White / Blue Light): illuminating a workspace with high colour temperatures, can result in a harsh and clinical atmosphere.

Low Colour Temperature (Warm White / Yellow Light): lightings such as warm white or yellow light will soften the clarity of the space while creating a cozy and relaxing ambience.

To choose the right color temperature for your home office, consider the tasks you’ll be doing and the ambiance you’d like to create. For instances:

  • Cool White is ideal for computer work
  • White Light is best for reading and writing by hand
  • Warm White is perfect for relaxing or reading

Bottom Line When It Comes to Home Office Lighting

Lighting is not just a luxury, it’s a necessity when you’re working from home. It’s important to figure out how you’ll use your workspace before choosing lighting. At the end of the day, the most important thing is to find a balance between functionality and ambiance, and selecting the right bulb can be a huge help in accomplishing that goal.

You can take these suggestions into account and adapt them to fit your current workspace, allowing you to create a lighting arrangement in your home office that is both practical and helpful to your work productivity.

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