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Google Keyword Planner drops keyword forecasting

Google Ads is no longer maintaining individual and ad group keyword forecasting in Keyword Planner.

Few advertisers were using these features so the platform decided to retire them, according to Ginny Marvin, Google’s Ad Liaison, on X (formerly known as Twitter).

However, campaign-level forecasts and historical keyword-level data are still available.

Why we care. By discontinuing the maintenance of individual and ad group keyword forecasting, advertisers lose access to related insights, including metrics like spend, which could affect how they make informed decisions and optimize advertising strategies effectively.

How Keyword Planner works. Keyword Planner is a tool that can indicate a keyword’s performance potential. Google uses past search data to predict possible future outcomes for a set of keywords based on your budget. These estimates can then be used to help you decide how to group your keywords and set bids.

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What Google said. Ginny Marvin said on X (formerly known as Twitter):

  • “Few advertisers were using individual & ad group keyword forecasting in Keyword Planner so as of this summer we’re no longer maintaining these forecasts in our system.”
  • “Campaign-level forecasts & historical keyword-level data are still available.”

Deep dive. Read Google’s Keyword Planner guide for more information.

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