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Purify Your Home Office With Laurastar’s IZZI Plus Steamer

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In running a business from home, you want to make sure your environment is supportive of good health which in turn has a positive outcome for your business. A healthy environment reduces the risk of you and any in-house employees getting sick, which could put business tasks at a standstill. An effective way to clean your environment without chemicals is to use steam. This is because steam cleaning uses temperatures greater than 265°F to purify and sanitize a plethora of surfaces. Laurastar is a Swiss brand that offers effective steamers to sanitize and clean clothes, surfaces, and fabrics keeping your environment clean and your business clothes looking fresh. With Laurastar’s innovative IZZI Plus steamer, you can steam away germs, bacteria and more from the surfaces in your home and home office, providing a healthier environment for your family, in-house employees, and yourself.

Who is Laurastar?

Laurastar is a Swiss brand that has always, since it was founded, made respecting your clothes, fabrics and the environment the top priority. For this reason, Laurastar constantly innovates its products so your clothes and fabrics stay beautiful and your environment stays clean and pure. This is all thanks to the hygienic qualities of Laurastar products’ steam. Each Laurastar product is designed to be long-lasting, ensuring your investment in your health and home.

Laurastar products are tried and true. For over 30 years, Swiss maternity wards have used Laurastar products because they trust the effectiveness of steam. They use and recommend Laurastar systems to iron and purify clothes provided for newborns. Laurastar products also have “Allergy UK” approval, a label awarded by top specialists and professors certifying that the brand’s products are effective for people with allergies, sensitivities and intolerances. This is also a plus if any of the people under your roof are susceptible to such.

Laurastar's IZZI Plus
Laurastar’s IZZI Plus is the powerhouse steamer to clean your home office and home.

What is IZZI Plus?

Laurastar’s IZZI Plus is a textile and hygienic steamer that efficiently and naturally steams your clothes and disinfects your home and home office. Thanks to the power of its Dry Microfine Steam (DMS), IZZI Plus instantly removes creases on all textiles, from your business clothes to soft furnishings like sheets and curtains. IZZI Plus even handles the most delicate of fabrics so it will be an excellent alternative to dry cleaning some of your favorite clothes. This ensures your business clothes are presentable, and your home office textiles are purified. IZZI Plus can be used by anyone as it is very user-intuitive and easy to set up and get started with.

IZZI Plus’ superheated steam is powerful and quick and works perfectly on rugs, desk tops, pillows, sofas, cushions, cabinet countertops, door knobs, laptop bags, and so much more around your home office. Regarding products around your home, IZZI Plus can purify stuffed animals, kitchen countertops, shoes, bedding, upholstered furniture, wooden surfaces, coats, pet beds, and so much more. At 11lbs, it is easy to carry around to sanitize anything and everything one might come into contact with. In filling the water tank, you only need to remove it to refill. This means your iron does not need to be disrupted as you refill the water.

IZZI Plus includes a textile guard, which you easily attach to the steam iron when purifying fabrics. It also comes with a surface guard, which you use to steam clean hard surfaces. To keep your hands protected while you change the guards, you’ll also have a protective glove. Lastly, so you can use your IZZI Plus with tap water, you’ll receive 1 anti-limescale filter.

Laurastar Dry Microfine Steam (DMS) purifies textiles naturally without the use of chemical products.

What is Laurastar Dry Microfine Steam (DMS)?

The Laurastar Dry Microfine Steam (DMS) is the powerhouse method of cleaning behind IZZI Plus’ exceptional functionality. DMS purifies textiles naturally and durably without using chemical products. More than 99.999%* of bacteria, fungi and dust mites as well as odors are effectively eliminated. Laurastar DMS leaves fabrics perfectly dry, allowing little chance for microorganisms to breed. It’s an ideal and eco-responsible way to keep your children and babies’ laundry, your employees’ environment, and your own home office perfectly pure and clean. Steaming fabrics with IZZI Plus must be done at a distance of 1 inch or less.

How Does the Laurastar IZZI Plus steam work? 

Laurastar steam is generated in the boiler and the steam is heated to 284°F with a pressure of 50psi. In the process of superheating, it transforms into gas/steam. Then, when the steam enters the iron, it superheats again! This is where it becomes micro-fine water molecules in a gaseous state and it can be considered ‘dry’ because it no longer contains water in liquid form. Finally, the dry steam exits through the small holes of the iron with a speed of 50 ft/s, allowing the water molecules to penetrate deep into fabrics (even the most delicate). The energy of this process kills 99.999% of germs, fungi and viruses it comes into contact with, leaving the textiles and fabrics looking fresh.

laurastar's izzi plus
Laurastar’s IZZI Plus increases your clothing’s longevity.

Reasons to Choose Laurastar IZZI Plus for Your Home Office and Home

Laurastar’s IZZI Plus first and foremost keeps your home and home office environment clean and pure. Heat treatment has proven to be effective in eliminating germs, particularly where it isn’t easy to use detergents such as upholstered office furniture, blankets, or bedding. Steaming is a great alternative to the use of chemicals, especially for those with sensitivities and allergies. This also reduces the need to purchase different products to clean and sanitize different surfaces. IZZI Plus handles them all. And because your home office is near your family, you’ll appreciate that you can clean without exposing your loved ones to these chemicals.

Another reason to choose Laurastar’s IZZI Plus is to reduce the chance of Coronavirus spreading in your home office and home. If you or any in-house employees contract COVID-19, your business productivity can slow to a halt, putting stress and pressure on your business. Coronavirus is one of the many viruses that IZZI Plus is successful in eliminating. You also do not want to be the one to spread the virus to anyone you do business relations with. Purifying your clothes, textiles around your home office and surfaces people may come in contact with reduces the chance this virus exists and spreads.

Additionally, IZZI Plus helps business owners make that great first impression by refreshing their fabrics. When having business meetings in-house, the last thing you wants is an unpleasant smell making an impression or distraction. Business owners will appreciate that IZZI Plus removes unwanted odors from their home office and home. The power of steam will also soften your fabrics because as it leaves the iron it penetrates effectively and uniformly. This means the fabrics of your office will be comfortable and attractive to any of your office visitors.

Laurastar’s IZZI Plus keeps your wardrobe looking fantastic and increases your clothing’s longevity. Steaming is easier on your fabric’s fibers than regular ironing, as direct heat and fiber pressure are not being used. With steaming, you won’t get the wear and tear you get with ironing your clothes. Also, steaming not only removes wrinkles but keeps your garments fresh by eliminating odor-causing bacteria. This means you don’t need to wash or dry clean your garments as often, which in turn increases their longevity. This benefit of steaming can save you money in the long run (fewer dry cleaning trips, fewer clothing purchases).

Laurastar’s IZZI Plus Steam Cart

Eugene Izzi

Laurastar’s IZZI Steam Cart is an additional product available to help with steaming your clothing. It hooks right up to the IZZI Plus offering you an easier and faster way to smooth your clothing. Its base is heat-resistant and designed to handle a warm IZZI steamer. Laurastar’s IZZI Steam Cart features a height-adjustable rack that has a convenient hook to hang your clothing and items to be steamed. It’s very easy to handle and you can move it around your home just by pushing and pulling it around. When you’re ready to store it away, the 7lb steam cart folds up effortlessly.


Steam cleaning is an ideal method to keep your home office and home clean and healthy. With Laurastar’s IZZI Plus Steamer, you can achieve the perfect clean you are looking for. Its superheated Dry Microfine Steam (DMS) makes the IZZI Plus powerful, quick, and expansive. It will eliminate 99.999% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi which will provide a healthier environment for those who work in or visit your home office. IZZI Plus also terminates 100% of dust mites, bed bugs, clothes moths, lice and pet dander. Because of its ergonomic shape, it’s easy to maneuver around your spaces and when you’re ready to store it away, it folds away effortlessly. With IZZI Plus, your clothes will have zero creases and they will be refreshed. Laurastar’s IZZI Plus is a home office essential that will work for you to keep your environment pure and your clothes refreshed.

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