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Facilities Management in the Digital Age: The Power of Software Solutions

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Facilities management is precisely what it sounds like, i.e., management of facilities like buildings and spaces. It could be an office, a home, or an educational institute, and all these places need to be well taken care of. This is where property management software, aka facilities management software, comes into the picture.

Given the nature of most technology-driven solutions now and how habitual people have become to new tech, this software is built for the well-being of spaces, commercial or residential. It’s like a digital assistant that monitors energy usage, creates maintenance schedules, optimizes usage of space and does all to ensure the space runs smoothly.

5 challenges in facility operations

Maintaining spaces isn’t an easy feat. One needs to be available round the clock to ensure that there aren’t any operational issues in spaces like hospitals, schools, hotels, etc. The challenges one faces while managing facility operations are:

1. Space utilization

Real estate is a precious investment in this day and age. But its usage and space allocation is also a great challenge. Maximum usage of the space also means that it must be comfortable and foster a productive environment for its occupants.

2. Energy usage and sustainability

Energy usage can be a costly affair if not managed properly. Now, with eco-friendly options widely available, the challenge is to balance both traditional and sustainable modes of energy in the facility.

3. Maintenance services

Whether it’s an AirBnB or a training center, all facilities need regular maintenance facilities for their upkeep. The challenge is to schedule maintenance activities, conduct follow-ups and oversee routine cleaning tasks.

4. Technology integration

Today, due to technology, companies have come up with online applications that provide maintenance scheduling services, like cleaning or security at market rates. The challenge is finding a feature-rich provider that can easily be merged into your current systems.

5. Compliance to standards

All commercial and residential facilities are subject to the laws and regulations of the geographical area they’re in. Certain state and federal regulations like safety standards and environmental restrictions also influence the maintenance of a particular facility. The challenge is in understanding all these laws and being compliant with them.

5 benefits of facilities management software

The management of facilities has seen an upgrade in the past decade with customers warming up to technology. Facilities management software is feature-rich, apart from maintenance, it also deals with asset management, space planning and more. The role of this software is rewarding as it provides the following benefits:

1. Better space utilization

Facilities management software analyzes the place and plans its usage accordingly. It provides insights and suggestions on how the space can be used best and also minimizes the need for extra space. Once you have a basic sketch of how to utilize your space, you can allocate resources accordingly.

2. Streamlined maintenance operations

Instead of you calling and following up with service companies, the software handles all tasks from repair to installation. It creates a schedule for which maintenance activity is required and when and takes the burden of calling and scheduling off your back. This leads to higher efficiency and less downtime. For example, in a hotel setup, the software assists in managing the housekeeping staff’s schedules and tasks.

3. Savings on services

By creating maintenance schedules in advance and allocating resources, the software can reduce operational costs significantly. It also identifies potential risks in advance and gets the repair done, saving you from unnecessary and expensive emergency services.

4. Data-driven decision making

The software analyzes historical data to figure out what maintenance service has worked best in the facility and what steps can be taken. Based on the data available, the software makes sure that you get good quality services done at regular intervals with the available resources.

5. Safer and compliant spaces

The property management software keeps track of the changing laws and ensures that buildings and spaces are meeting the legal and safety obligations. This helps in preventing hazards and penalties.

Facilities management software: a modern solution to a constant problem

Facilities management software, like Zuper, emerges as a powerful tool that changes the landscape of facility operations. With its exhaustive field service management features across data management, CRM, invoicing, and inventory management, it’s exactly what companies need to use to thrive in their respective industries book a demo to know more.

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