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Webinar: AI-forward marketing in 2024 by Cynthia Ramsaran

How to prevent AI from taking your content

The new year has just begun, and the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve rapidly. AI will play a pivotal role in sculpting the future of customer acquisition, but it is still an uncharted realm of strategies and tactics.

Join experts for an unmissable webinar designed specifically for digital marketers who drive offline sales and conversions. You’ll learn:

  • AI-forward approach for 2024: Discover why marketers are enthusiastically adopting AI solutions to boost productivity, unlock new insight, and supercharge campaign performance.
  • Quality over quantity in lead gen: Understanding the importance of prioritizing leads value over volume and why a marketer’s focus should be on revenue growth.
  • First-party data integration with AI: Learn how leveraging your data with AI will be crucial for staying ahead in the new privacy-focused era.

Learn more by registering and attending “AI-Forward Marketing: Your Roadmap to Revenue Growth in 2024,” presented by Invoca.

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