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18 Enchanting Valentine’s Day Gifts To Make Your Partner Swoon

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As Valentine’s Day approaches, it is important to start thinking of gifts for not only that “special someone” in your life, but all the hardworking entrepreneurs in your life. That includes your family, friends, colleagues, coworkers, and even acquaintances. As many people are not experts on gift-giving, it can seem a bit daunting to figure out how to give them all unique gifts that make them feel cared about and thought of.

Home Business Magazine is here to help with the following gift guide full of diverse and versatile products that are sure to help you cross each person off your list of people to get gifts for. From wine to clothing to gadgets, allow yourself to relax with the knowledge that all the entrepreneurs in your life will receive a unique gift that they would have never thought to get themselves!

Vitality Cloud II Workout Set

Vitality 2 Workout Clothing Pickleball

For the active gals, a festively colored workout set makes for the perfect Valentine’s gift so you can get active after work together, in style — or great for a comfy work-from-home fit). The Cloud II Workout Set offers medium support and compression to accentuate tyour assets. Available in sizes 2XS-4XL and other festive hues like pinks. Shop the Cloud II™ Scoop Tank ($56, currently on sale for $39) and the Cloud II™ Trouser ($88, currently on sale for $62).

Grüvi Non-Alcoholic Wines

Gruvi Non-Alcoholic Wine

Just because you’re not drinking does not mean that you should not be able to indulge in a glass of wine or champagne for Valentine’s Day! Grüvi’s award-winning, alcohol-free wine and prosecco are the real deal! Treat yourself to Grüvi’s non-alcoholic Dry Red Blend, Dry Secco, or Bubbly Rose this Valentine’s Day for a night you *will* remember. Shop all their non-alcoholic alternatives at the Grüvi website.

AVI Pickleball Clothing

AVI was created in response to the growing pickleball economy and lack of targeted performance clothing for the sport. Aiming to fulfill that need, AVI’s apparel strikes a balance between traditional court styling and today’s activewear. Their first two collections offer stylish, functional, and colorful options for men and women, suitable for casual enthusiasts to experienced athletes.

The 6” Baker Short

AVI Pickleball clothing - Shorts and dress and shirt

The 6” Baker Short was created for swift performance and maximum comfort with a ridiculously soft knit fabric. The shorts feature a specialized inverted ball-pocket for easy tuck and storage and come in several colors to match your beau’s personal style. Find it for $79.99 on the AVI website.

Court Skirt – $88

AVI Pickleball clothing - Skirt

The 2-tone asymmetrical Court Skirt was developed for vigorous performance and comfort with a ridiculously soft built-in liner that any mom or girlfriend will love. The skirt features a specialized inverted ball-pocket for easy tuck and storage. Find it for $88 on the AVI website.

Bounce-It Tank – $74

AVI Pickleball clothing - Tank Top Shirt

The Bounce-It Tank is your new go-to top. AVI’s ergonomically designed tank helps you stay dry, comfortable, and focused on the Pickleball court. The unique fabric has a special finish that offers a new level of softness, and the bonded seams support full range of motion and feel smooth against your skin. Find it for $74 on the AVI website.

Third Collection — Jen’s Dress

AVI Pickleball clothing - dress

On January 8th, AVI launched the third collection in their line of performance wear for pickleball athletes. Focused on elevating pickleball, this collection features meticulously crafted materials and precision detailing that perform well in both function and fashion.

Transition effortlessly from the pickleball court to a day on the town with Jen’s Dress. Designed with the active spirit in mind, Jen’s Dress allows you to embrace your athletic side during the game and exude elegance during urban escapades. Crafted from a premium nylon-spandex blend, the dress features a semi-circle skirt with a laser-cut hem for a modern touch. Mesh side panels offer breathability on the court while adding sensuality. The sporty stand collar and princess seam flanges create a chic silhouette. With a sleek invisible zip and a brand new beveled AVI logo that is unique to this collection, this dress seamlessly blends comfort and sophistication. Shop it now for $148 on the AVI website.

Heirloom Video Books

Heirloom Video Books Picture Frame

Introducing Heirloom Video Books, a customizable photo and video-playing book that puts your memories into your hands! Embrace the modern way of sending heartfelt wishes with these digital greeting cards, ensuring your messages, memories, and milestones are delivered in a unique keepsake to your loved ones. Upload up to 20 minutes of your personalized videos and photos directly to the Heirloom online builder. Each video book features a 5” HD screen with a speaker to play the video sound (or add music), wrapped in a beautiful hardcover book with a choice of 16 cover options or the option to design your very own! Each one comes with a fully rechargeable battery, is reloadable, and is made to last. Heirloom video books do not require any special tech, wifi, or internet to play. Simply open the book to play the crisp, high-quality video. Available on and Amazon.


HUNGOVR hangover cap ice therapy

This miracle product is your all-in-one solution for migraines, cluster headaches, and even puffy eyes, making them the perfect gift for anyone!

But that’s not all – the cap’s 360-degree cooling and heating technology works wonders on inflammation, making it the go-to solution for hangover headaches. The eye section is infused with gel to target puffy eyes, cluster headaches, or any soreness behind your eyes. Just 20 minutes of mask time, and you’re ready to conquer the day – avocado toast, gym, Netflix & chill – minus the regrets. Buy now for $31.99 from their website.

Wellbody HeatBall Massage Gun


Introducing the latest in muscle recovery innovation – WellBody’s HeatBall Massage Guns and Devices, the perfect gift for fitness enthusiasts and those looking to reduce muscle soreness! With state-of-the-art HeatBall Technology, these devices offer a unique combination of heat therapy and percussive massage, elevating the standard of muscle care and recovery.

Why this massage gun is different:
– Reaches where other massage guns can’t; unique extended handle allows you to better reach the locations that are difficult to reach with traditional massage guns (hamstrings, calves, shoulders, back)
– Features HeatBall™ Technology and ultra-quiet operation
– Lightweight and compact
– 3-speed unit weighs just over a pound
– Special anti-torsional grip for optimal control
– Comes with 3 tips (heatball, ball and beak)

Buy it now for $249.99 from their website and Amazon.

Honeydew Scrumptious Side Pillow

Honeydew Travel Pillow

The Scrumptious Side Pillow features a unique curve that cradles your neck and shoulders for ultimate comfort, and perfect alignment. The proprietary fill delivers a luxurious feel and superior support, while alleviating neck and shoulder pain. The Scrumptious Travel Pillow has the same support and comfort as The Scrumptious Side Pillow, simply on a smaller scale. Looking for a compromise-free experience? This is the only travel pillow that is as comfortable to use in transit as it is at your destination. Find it now on the Honeydew website.

Eli and Elm: Side-Sleeper Pillow

Eli & Elm Side Sleeper Pillow

There is a simple solution for better sleep while also nixing your neck & back pain – the Eli & Elm Side-Sleeper Pillow! With the unique U-shape design, these luxury pillows will conform to your head to provide proper support and alleviate neck pain. Created specifically for side sleepers, you can also customize your pillow’s firmness with the removable latex and polyester filling.

Why is this pillow unique?
— Side sleeper pillow – specifically designed for side sleepers!
— Adjustable – you can customize your firmness level with their removable fill
— U-Shape Design – Conforms to the head and neck for proper support and alignment
— Cooling – Latex noodle fill supports optimal airflow for a cooler pillow
— Pain Relief – Alleviates neck and back pain
— Cotton – Smooth cotton cover is designed to dissipate heat

Find it now for $109.99 on the Eli and Elm website.

Couchmaster CYBOSS – The ultimate gift for Gamers and Remote Workers

Couchmaster CYBOSS Gamer Table for the bed

The Couchmaster® CYBOSS offers significantly more space between the two soft, covered and washable cushions. As a result, every single body type can now benefit from a comfortable amount of space under the Couchmaster®. Even the most unusual sitting postures are no longer a hindrance when playing or working from home. It has been specifically designed by gamers for gamers, and continuously perfected to withstand long-lasting and ergonomically intensive gaming sessions and long home office days on the sofa. Postural deformities and back pain are effectively prevented.

More CYBOSS highlights:
– Extra-large surface area is made of sustainable bamboo with greater flexibility.
– A large ventilation grille is embedded in the center of the board, keeping CPUs and GPUs chilled at all times.
– The new alignment of the ventilation grille allows you to customize your personal gaming or working space no matter if left- or right-handed – offering the greatest possible comfort to all users.
– More storage space, thanks to practical pockets on both pillows.

Find it for $179 on the Couchmaster website and on Amazon.


SWAIR Sweatshield and Showerless Shampoo 8oz bottles and Conditioner

SWAIR is the better-for-you haircare brand committed to creating time-saving and multitasking hair products.

  • SweatShield Leave in Conditioner Spray: SweatShield features technology that blocks water and humidity from hair follicles, preventing damage from sweat and unwanted frizz. Your hair will never look greasy, and it can’t be overused. Available in 2oz and 8oz sizes, priced at $16-$38. You can find it on and Amazon.
  • Showerless Shampoo Spray: Showerless Shampoo is different from dry shampoo as it cleans your hair and removes sweat, dirt, and daily grime. After using the spray-in product, dirt becomes loose and easy to remove with a quick towel dry. Available in 2oz and 8oz sizes, priced at $16-$38. You can find it on and Amazon.

MeatStick 4X

The MeatStick 4X Lifestyle K [Prime Steak]

Introducing the MeatStick 4X, an exceptional smart wireless meat thermometer that revolutionizes the kitchen experience. Far beyond your typical kitchen gadget, this device is a game-changer for culinary enthusiasts, ensuring perfect cooking results every time.

About The MeatStick 4:

  • Wireless Precision: The MeatStick 4X offers the convenience of monitoring both internal and ambient temperatures wirelessly through a dedicated smartphone app. Stay in control and achieve precision in your cooking process.
  • Foolproof Cooking: Say goodbye to the uncertainties of undercooking or overcooking. The MeatStick 4X acts as your culinary companion, providing real-time temperature updates to guarantee cooking success, whether you’re a seasoned chef or an aspiring home cook.
  • Perfect Gift: A thoughtful present for cooking enthusiasts and anyone who values precision in the kitchen. Elevate the cooking experience for your loved ones with the MeatStick 4X.

Priced at $124.99, this innovative smart thermometer is available for purchase on The MeatStick website and Amazon. Don’t miss the chance to upgrade your cooking game and achieve perfection in every dish!

America Blossoms Cotton Percale Bed Sheet Set

America Blossoms Cotton Percale Bed Sheet Set

Discover unparalleled comfort with the America Blossoms Cotton Percale Bed Sheet Set. Key Features:

  • Composition: 55% USA cotton/45% USA organic cotton
  • Weave: Experience the crispness of a percale weave, similar to sheets supplied to leading hotels.
  • Design: Enjoy deep 16″ pockets and wider, stronger encased elastic for a secure fit.
  • Top Sheets: Generously sized in both width and length, ensuring a snug and secure tuck.

Indulge in the luxury of these sheets, crafted with care from 100% USA grown, spun, woven, and sewn cotton. Revel in a great night’s sleep, as these sheets provide optimal comfort, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in winter. For added convenience, the set includes “Top or Bottom” labels as visual cues to assist with the correct placement of the fitted sheet. Elevate your sleep sanctuary with the unmatched quality and comfort of the Cotton Percale Bed Sheet Set, available for $299 on the American Blossoms website.

America Blossoms Bath Towel Set

America Blossoms Bath Towel Set

Experience unparalleled luxury with American Blossoms bath towel set, proudly made in the USA from 100% USA Organic Cotton. Indulge in the soft, absorbent, and plush feel of these OEKO-TEX® CERTIFIED towels, ensuring both quality and safety. These towels are crafted to be thick, oversized, and the best in organic cotton, providing a lavish experience. Key Features:

  • Strong selvage edges for durability, preventing tears and fraying.
  • Free from harmful synthetic dyes, as certified by OEKO-TEX®.
  • A classic look with a decorative dobby design.
  • Feel the softness of the ring-spun combed 2-ply cotton loops against your skin.
  • Luxurious 700 GSM weight, offering superior quality.

For a limited time, enjoy a 20% discount when you buy a set. Elevate your bathing experience with these towels, designed for maximum comfort and crafted with care using premium organic cotton. Available for $249 on the American Blossoms website.

Bird Buddy

Explore the marvels of Bird Buddy, a smart bird feeder that redefines birdwatching. Beyond attracting feathered visitors, Bird Buddy introduces an advanced camera feature that adds a new dimension to your birdwatching experience. This intelligent device not only notifies you of visiting birds but also captures high-quality photos, preserving those magical moments in your garden or outdoor space. The integrated camera organizes these photos seamlessly, allowing you to create a stunning collection of your avian guests. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and effortlessly document the diverse bird species that grace your surroundings with Bird Buddy. Buy it now for $239 on the Bird Buddy website.

Zeus Arc GT3 Vaporizer

Designed with entrepreneurs in mind, the Zeus Arc GT3 is a sleek and stylish choice for cannabis enthusiasts. Perfectly fitting into any home office setup, it combines discretion with a sophisticated appearance. The gold conduction chamber ensures a swift delivery of top-quality vapor from dry herbs. Entrepreneurs on the go will appreciate the ArcPod system, adding convenience to the overall experience. This Valentine’s Day, the Zeus Arc GT3 transcends being just a gadget; it becomes a thoughtful gift, bringing a touch of luxury and relaxation to the daily hustle of running a business from home.

Price: $249.99


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