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How to Improve Your Email Deliverability and Get Feedback Quickly

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A marketing campaign requires hours of planning to be perfect. Aside from crafting the correct copy, you will be concerned about the fonts, colors, and spacing. Drafting a marketing email from scratch is agonizing. However, it is even more painful if your email deliverability is low and you barely get feedback from prospects.

An email marketing campaign is successful when your prospects reach out and ask more questions. Even if they don’t patronize you immediately, the feedback means that your prospect has recognized your services. Read and learn the best ways to improve your email deliverability for your marketing campaigns.

Configure a clean email list

Configuring a clean email list means removing addresses that are no longer available. Most marketers collect data and don’t check if the email accounts are responsive or active. Your marketing campaign will fail if your email list consists of inactive email addresses. Therefore, clear the list of inactive emails or blacklisted domains. Carry out an email spam test to check for spammy email address.

Attach an unsubscribe tab

For most marketers, including an unsubscribe tab is a bad thing. Professional email marketers will tell you that including the unsubscribe button helps you remove addresses that don’t want to receive your email. As soon as a prospect taps the unsubscribe button, their email will leave your list. It’s a good way to keep your email listing active.

Create personal emails

Any email campaign that doesn’t contain content that incorporates the receiver’s personality may likely fail. At the introduction of the introduction of the email, include the receiver’s first name. To draft a personalized email, you must do proper research to get information about the receivers.

Write an interesting heading

If the heading of the email is unattractive, then you will most likely not get feedback from prospects. The worst part is that your emails will remain unread, and you will get so many unsubscribers to your email. You can learn how to draft a good heading before you start your email marketing. Meanwhile, the best email heading is usually short, simple, and straight to the point.

Call to action

If you don’t use a call to action in your email, your deliverability will be poor. Most receivers will not reach out because they don’t know who to contact. Include the address you want the receiver to contact. Meanwhile, if you have social media handles, insert them properly.

Short and brief

No email content for marketing purposes should exceed 200 words. If the prospect responds to the first email, you can forward a more detailed draft of your activities. In other words, don’t exceed 200 words because the email may become lengthy.


Take advantage of the various available email tools to make your marketing campaigns effective. The best email tools offer many features, including deliverability and how often your emails are read. Furthermore, the body of the email should be consistent with the aim of your marketing campaign. Finally, check reviews and learn what other users of your preferred email marketing tools say.

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