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TikTok publishes best practice guide for optimal campaign performance

TikTok published a best practice guide on how to optimize your ad campaigns and bidding strategies for maximum performance.

The 13-page guide includes tips and recommendations for:

  • Account structure.
  • Campaign setup.
  • Data connections.
  • Creative.
  • Attribution.
  • Measurement.

Why we care. If you plan to run campaigns on TikTok this year, you should check out this guide as the tips provided are directly from the platform. However, it’s important to keep in mind the source of this information, and that certain advice may prioritize TikTok’s interests over advertisers’.

Ad account optimization. As part of a nurtured account strategy, TikTok recommends ensuring your Ad Account is structured towards the end-to-end user journey, for example:

  • Only use one ad account.
  • Combine and diversify ad groups.

Nurtured account strategy. TikTok advises starting with upper funnel conversion events (don’t immediately start with the lowest funnel events) and repeating the process for each new Ad Group. The platform claims this is the “key to scalable growth and long-term performance.”

Data connection setup. TikTok states that by utilizing its data connections to measure and learn from consumer actions on your website, you can maximize the chances of conversions.

Setting and scaling your budget. TikTok recommends adhering to its best practices to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your budget utilization. The platform notes that it is advisable to set budgets for both campaigns and Ad Groups.

Bidding strategy. The bidding strategy you select tells TikTok’s system how to bid for you in the ad auction, so the platform advises selecting a bidding strategy that is best aligned to your primary KPI for campaign efficiency.

Ad fatigue. When you reach the maximum number of people who are interested in your ad, you may experience ad fatigue. TikTok has some tips on what actions you can take if this happens.

Attribution. TikTok recommends using Click Through Attribution together with View Through Attribution for a holistic view of your campaign.

What TikTok is saying. TikTok said in a statement:

  • “Ensure your campaigns are set up properly so that you can achieve repeatable, reliable results with ease. Use the best practices in this guide as the foundational building blocks for success on TikTok.”

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