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The Best Sales Call Script Examples for Your Sales Team

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Sales scripts are of questionable effectiveness. At the same time, not a single company in which there is a telephone conversation with a client can completely refuse them.

Let’s talk about how to close sales using sales call scripts.

What is a script, and why is it not loved?

A script is a conversation template that is written adaptively for managers and is designed to help them in the process of concluding a deal with a client. All information in them is strictly structured and allows you to quickly issue an answer to any request from the interlocutor.

The downside of the script is that managers try to stick to the given script at all costs. A standardized conversation from the first seconds becomes uninteresting to a potential buyer and he hangs up. In addition, the salespeople themselves stop thinking about the thread of the conversation and how the robots pronounce the given phrases. All this leads to losses in the effectiveness of the sales department and a decrease in profits.

However, all these disadvantages have nothing to do with well-written scripts that serve as a cheat sheet for a trained and motivated manager.

Simple scripts

Incoming calls are different in that the interlocutor already has a minimal understanding of the company and understands what needs he has. It doesn’t make the conversation easy. Moreover, the success of an incoming call will be the result of all the funds spent to attract a client. Therefore, it is important to carry it out correctly.

As a rule, it is enough for a manager to have at hand a list of questions that allow entering the client’s data into the database (additional contact phone number, full name), as well as identify the purpose of the call and determine further actions with the client. If the client is a target, he is sent to a more experienced manager for an order.

Scripts of medium complexity

One of the tasks of a secretary in any organization is to protect superiors from unnecessary calls. Therefore, you should not expect that he will connect the manager with the management at the first request. As a rule, this requires resorting to tricks.

First you need to identify the decision maker (DM) about the transaction. This can be done with:

  • corporate website of the company;
  • open base of the tax inspection;
  • social media;
  • with the help of clever scripts, conduct a telephone conversation with the secretary and find out the full name of the director.

Usually, a purchasing manager or a director deals with sales issues.

The main key to increasing sales is to identify needs and the ability to satisfy them by offering your product. However, to find out what the company is interested in, it is necessary to directly contact the decision maker. To do this, you need to make friends with the secretary or outsmart him to move on to the next phase — schedule a meeting by email, for example, etc.

Honest approach

To get the opportunity to talk with decision makers during a cold call, you do not always need to be cunning or manipulated. Sometimes an honest phone call is the best solution. However, you need to approach the dialogue based on psychology. It is not enough to simulate the situation in a script. You need to choose each word correctly and not use “beacons”, which will turn on the negative in the head of the interlocutor.

Cheating options

If the secretary received the installation from above: “Cut off all calls from sellers,” then honestly it will not work to break through him. Any appeal that includes the words “manager”, “sales”, “supplier” and the like will be a signal for him to politely refuse the caller.

You can’t wait for a positive result “by dropping an offer by mail”. A successful transaction can be achieved only by contacting the decision maker. At the same time, with each unsuccessful call, the chances of success decrease. If you are aiming for large sales, you need to act accurately.

In order to understand which script template will be effective, you need to decide on the maximum and minimum goals of the call. If there is an opportunity to bypass the secretary completely, then you need to use this. Sometimes you can contact the accounting department, and after listening to the proposal, they will redirect you to the decision maker without the participation of the secretary.

Complex scripts

Аlways be closing — this is the motto of successful sales. Therefore, it is very important that the manager has a script at hand that allows not only to achieve location, but also to close the deal profitably. There are many techniques that help influence the client. You need to choose the most appropriate speech models for the promoted sales area.

Seizure of the initiative

To be able to convince a customer to buy, you need to be able to speak. So, to seize the initiative in a telephone conversation. This is important when working with active interlocutors who ask a lot of questions.

It is important to be able to ask questions and get information of interest from the client. At the same time, do not scare him away and arouse interest.


Dealing with objections always scares managers. However, one cannot make sales without encountering them. It will be very useful for beginners to have a cheat sheet on hand, which allows you not only to cut off objections, but also to turn the conversation in a beneficial way.

An important rule: Whoever asks questions leads the negotiations. Therefore, it is always necessary to seize the initiative, but without force. You need to say “Stop” to the interlocutor very correctly.

Complete phone conversation template

The success of a telephone conversation depends on the quick reaction of the sales manager. There is no time to formulate an answer and weigh phrases in psychology. The main assistant in this situation will be an arsenal of ready-made answers to each question or objection of the interlocutor. An example of a successful complete script for a telephone conversation can help you develop your own script or change the dialogue strategy.

There is no universal script. It needs to be developed only on an individual basis, evaluating the goals of the company, sales volumes and the complexity of the proposed product. The best solution is to order scripts from scratch from experienced professionals, as well as the use of software solutions from developers such as Revenue Grid and others.

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