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Can You Claim for Lost Income If You’re Injured in a Car Accident When You’re Self-Employed?

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You may know that you have the right to seek compensation after being injured in a car accident that wasn’t your fault.

As an employee, one thing you could receive damages for is lost income — to cover the time you are unable to work during your recuperation. But what about if you’re self-employed? Can you still claim for lost income?

Claiming Lost Income When You Are Self-Employed

It’s good news. If you’re self-employed and some reckless driver decides to play bumper cars with you, resulting in an injury that keeps you from bringing home the bacon — yes, you can definitely go after lost income.

It’s not like being your own boss disqualifies you from seeking damages for what could have been a fat stack of cash had you not been side-lined.

Can You Claim for Lost Income in Every State?

All US states recognize that just because you wheel and deal on your own terms as a self-employed individual, it doesn’t mean you can’t claim lost income if some not-so-fun car shenanigans land you out of commission.

The catch is that each state might have its own spin on how to go about it — different hoops to jump through, paperwork to file, deadlines, all that jazz. So, while the right to claim exists across the board, the specifics could vary from California all the way over to Maine.

Understanding What Economic Damages Cover

When you’re talking about cashing in on damages after an accident, think of it as a tale of two buckets — economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages? That’s where lost income hangs out — it’s all the tangible stuff that hits your wallet because you couldn’t work, like actual earnings missed out on, business opportunities that flew away, or even medical expenses that have piled up.

But don’t mix this up with non-economic damages — they’re the hard-to-pin-down pains like suffering, emotional distress, or losing enjoyment in life. Proving non-economic damages is a bit fuzzier compared to showing a clear-cut invoice or ledger for economic losses.

To find out more about both the economic and non-economic damages you could be entitled to in your state after being injured in a car accident, have a free consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

For instance, if you’re Oregon-based, you could contact an attorney at Tillmann Law to find out more about economic damages under Oregon law.

You Need a Lawyer

Following on from the last point, to claim lost income after being injured in a car accident, you need a professional lawyer by your side.

Diving into the legal tangle after an accident on your own is like trying to win at chess blindfolded. So, hiring a lawyer is key — they’re your eyes on the chessboard. These savvy pros know what evidence will make your case for lost income stand out in court.

They tackle the paperwork, negotiate with those stingy insurance companies, and if necessary, battle it out in front of a judge so you can keep peace of mind and focus on getting back on track.

Plus, they understand the fine print of state laws, ensuring you won’t miss out due to some technicality.

Bottom line: A good lawyer is worth their weight in gold when it comes to chasing what you rightly deserve.

Claiming Can Be a Trickier and Lengthier Process When You’re Self-Employed

While you can pursue compensation for lost income as a self-employed person, it’s not as easy as when you’re employed. After all, employees need to merely gather up their pay stubs to prove their income. But self-employed people need to dive into their business records, including tax returns, invoices, and maybe emails or contracts that prove planned work got axed because of the accident.

Showing a consistent income pre-crash helps paint a picture of the work you have missed out on. In turn, you will stand a much better chance of being successful in your claim and receiving the maximum payout.

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