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WorldVia Uses AI to Empower Travel Entrepreneurs with New Upgrades to WorldVia PRO

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WorldVia Travel Group, a collection of leading travel brands and host agency in the United States, has unveiled the latest tech enhancements to WorldVia PRO, the company’s cutting-edge business management platform for travel agents and advisors. WorldVia PRO’s newest upgrades will supplement the platform to further serve as an inclusive tool for equipping travel professionals with the resources needed to efficiently manage and plan travel for their clients. The new WorldVia PRO tech features release also commemorates the platform’s launch one year ago and comes on the heels of a prior set of augmented features in November 2023.

The latest updates to WorldVia PRO continue to solidify the platform’s position as a comprehensive business solution for travel advisors. WorldVia PRO was created to simplify business practices, streamline marketing efforts through artificial intelligence (AI) features, expand target audiences, enhance client relationships and ultimately boost travel sales.

Leading the charge in the lineup of new tech enhancements is the native integration of Gmail and Google Workspace into WorldVia PRO. This Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) feature allows travel professionals to communicate with clients directly within WorldVia PRO, eliminating their need to navigate between platforms or email programs. Client and prospect emails from advisors’ CRM contacts are automatically linked to the platform’s “Trips” planning section for streamlined access and organized management of client communications.

Jason Block, Chief Executive Officer of WorldVia Travel Group
Jason Block, Chief Executive Officer of WorldVia Travel Group. Photo Credit: WorldVia Travel Group

“We chose to integrate with Gmail and Google Workspace because our data shows that the large majority of WorldVia members use Google as their email preference,” said Jason Block, CEO of WorldVia. “The new email feature is free for all WorldVia members and stems from WorldVia’s recognition of the need to provide our members with a convenient and efficient way to manage client communications and travel planning.”

WorldVia PRO is also set to integrate with the company’s existing Email Marketing tool, Email+ (powered by Emma) in February 2024. This will enable travel professionals to manage their Email+ contact records from within their CRM contacts. WorldVia PRO users will be able to customize and send email campaign templates, including supplier promotional emails and three-monthly newsletters, or build their own unique email marketing campaigns. Creating email workflows, A/B test emails and website landing pages are other benefits available to travel agents using WorldVia PRO’s Email+.

WorldVia PRO’s “Trips” section, the platform’s CRM tool designed to help users better engage with leads and clients through a seamless, all-encompassing itinerary builder, will also undergo notable enhancements in late January 2024. Improvements to “Trips” include the introduction of a new itinerary view, which will enable users to view specific trips a week or day at a time and add content blocks to each day, such as trip components, destination blocks and text blocks.

“Giving our travel agent members the flexibility to choose how they build and manage trips within the WorldVia PRO CRM is one of the many ways we’re boosting the platform’s aim to provide our members with a comprehensive, integrated suite of business tools,” said Block. “The upgraded itinerary feature provides a more intuitive, visual method for building trips and encourages travel advisors to add personal touches to their client proposals with the new text and destination content block features.”

WorldVia’s release of new WorldVia PRO enhancements is also highlighted by the introduction of a new Insurance Waiver Form feature, which is slated to launch in February 2024. Users will be able to seamlessly send and store insurance waiver forms directly from within the CRM “Trips” section, providing travel planners with a centralized location for easy access and reference.

Joshua Harrell, Chief Marketing Officer of WorldVia Travel Group
Joshua Harrell, Chief Marketing Officer of WorldVia Travel Group. Photo Credit: WorldVia Travel Group

“Our new Insurance Waiver From feature was developed at the request of WorldVia’s valued members and is only the beginning of a new “Forms” feature in WorldVia PRO, which will be expanded throughout 2024,” said Joshua Harrell, Chief Marketing Officer of WorldVia.

News of WorldVia PRO’s latest upgrades comes alongside a significant milestone for the platform’s “Content Creator” feature, a popular tool that allows members to effectively market their businesses by leveraging the power of generative AI to create engaging content, such as blog posts, travel itineraries, social media content and more.

“We’re extremely thrilled to have ‘Content Creator’ reach its fifteen-thousandth piece of content generated by WorldVia members,” said Block. “We see most host agencies and even the larger consortia speak of using AI-generated content in agency marketing as a theory and supplement with loose guidance. WorldVia understands its value to travel agency owners and created ‘Content Creator’ to help members attract more clients while saving valuable time.”

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About WorldVia Travel Group: WorldVia Travel Group is a collection of leading travel brands and host agency in the United States with a spirited and longstanding commitment to delivering unmatched services, assets and support to its members, clients and partners – including independent travel agent and advisor entrepreneurs, corporate partners and humanitarian organizations – through the company’s two primary divisions: WorldVia, which operates the company’s host agency, and the consumer travel website, WorldVia’s mission involves simplifying and streamlining travel agency owners’ and travel advisors’ business management practices as well as empowering them to build and cultivate the travel businesses of their dreams. Learn more:, and

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